So funny: these animals see snow for the first time

So funny: these animals see snow for the first time

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"Hui! What's that? It's soft, wet and you can run around in it! It's cool!", The animals are happy in this video and inspect snow for the first time. While some can hardly believe their luck, other fur carriers are not exactly enthusiastic about the white cooling.

A dog obviously wants to start a race and happily whizzes into the snow. A kitty goes snowflake hunting at the sight of the winter phenomenon, while a room tiger at the window watches closely how the white flakes fall from the sky. These little animals really have fun in the cold season.

Only a cat can not do anything with the wet snow and shakes its fluffy paws after each step through the white mass. Well, winter is not something for everyone.

Animals in the snow: professionals playing hide and seek

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