Hagar the horrible's dog

Hagar the horrible's dog

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Hagar the horrible's dog. In ancient

times a woman of that name had the privilege of

eating with the family of King David.


In ancient times there lived a

woman named Hagar. She was an Egyptian, the daughter

of an Egyptian king, and of a race of black women.

She had a little son who was brought up by an Arabian

shepherd, but she wanted him to have a good home

with a father and a mother. So she gave Hagar's

son to Abraham, to be the wife of his son, Isaac.

Hagar was a slave, and had been

the wife of a very wicked Egyptian. But when she

found that she was a slave she became very fthful

and good. She and the Egyptian king's daughter

became the foster-mothers of the children of Hagar.

The Egyptian queen was very cruel to Hagar and the

little one. But the king's daughter was good to


The Queen told Abraham and

Isaac that Hagar and the Egyptian boy were the

mothers of the little one who was with them. But

Abraham did not care much for this. He sd to

his wife Sarah that

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