Dog with eyelashes meme

Dog with eyelashes meme

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Dog with eyelashes meme

When the owner's friend and their child died from some stupid thing, she took the dog to live with her.

Her husband was the town drunk, of course, and he became abusive and threatening to anyone who looked at her, to the point where she was scared of going out. But she had the dog and she didn't want to be all by herself.

She and the dog had a good life, and she'd never been happier. He was a smallish, friendly dog. Everyone liked him. But when he was seven, he became a huge dog and he grew to be quite strong. He would take on anything that came his way.

For some reason, she went missing one day. The townspeople thought it must be the crazy old drunk, and they locked him up in the jl. Then they found her dead in the house. The poor little thing had bled out in the living room.

This happened, I don't know, one or two years ago. Anyway, the town was very confused.

The sheriff was the town drunk's kid, and the town drunk was her dad. They were in high school and had known each other for a while, although the kid was just one grade behind the dad.

The dad died a few years later. The kid, after a lot of counseling and talking to the townspeople, became a police officer. A decent one, in my experience.

And this dog, now there was a nice fellow. Everybody liked him and wanted to hang out with him. He was kind of like a dog friend, who everyone could trust.

Not many people believed that the whole incident with the missing woman was a ruse, on her part. But after the sheriff came to tell the townspeople what he'd learned from the investigation, they knew he was telling the truth. And as for the drunk kid, he was just a kid, he didn't have any motive.

I'm happy to say the dog's dead, too. It got hit by a car. Happened when I was on my way home. We were walking down the road, the dog and I. He must have taken off, to follow someone. I don't know. A few minutes later, I saw his collar lying in the road, along with his leash and his little heart-shaped bandana.

I felt sick, just walking by, but not to the point where I passed out. And then a passing car stopped. A guy opened his door. I guess he was worried about the dog. He picked him up. Then he gave me a dollar. That's a little something from the road.

After I recovered, I told the kid what happened. He took me on.

I never expected to make detective.

The whole town came to see him off, too, the night I graduated from the police academy. The kid was a little weird. He acted like he was about to cry, or at least like he was having trouble holding it back.

I told him what a beautiful ceremony it was, and how we were all there because of him.

The first time we'd had dinner together, before we got to be friends, he'd thanked me for all the times he'd gone to the police academy. The same thing had happened when I took him to the store to buy his high school diploma. He'd thanked me, as well.

We had breakfast together the morning we got married. His mom and my mom were crying. His dad was drunk, but he was quiet.

When we were alone for a minute, the kid told me that if I ever got into any trouble, he'd be there for me. Just like a real friend. I don't know why he sd that, he was making it up. But I liked the idea. It was the best thing anyone had ever sd to me. The last good thing that ever happened to me.

The last bad thing to happen to me, too.

* * *

There was only a parking space at the bottom of the driveway. I parked on the sidewalk, and ran inside to catch Mom at the grocery store before she left for her real job.

"No one came for you, Mom," I sd when she came out of the store. "None of the others. Only that one guy."

"He gave you a hundred bucks?"

I looked at my mom.

She'd never seen me with so much money in my hands.

I couldn't bring myself to give it back.

"I thought I'd hold on to it until I could give it back to you, Mom."

"Well, it looks like you did the right thing."

She didn't believe I'd held on to it.

It wouldn't be the first time I'd made something disappear, but I had to make sure it was safe with her. I needed to make sure that this was a safe time. My favorite time. I didn't want it to be used as a weapon, or get damaged somehow.

"That's why I told you I wasn't your daughter."

She didn't have a response to that. I wasn't sure how to put it into words, so I didn't say anything.

"Well, that's settled. And don't you worry, I'll get you some food," she sd, not looking me in the eye. She walked away and went back into the grocery store. I wondered if she could tell how much trouble I'd had.

She'd want to be happy about the money.

But she had to know that her daughter wasn't her daughter.

I stood in the middle of the kitchen and wondered what the hell I was going to do now.

All I wanted was to be left alone. But then agn, that wasn't what I had gotten.

I thought I had gotten some things out of the deal. I had gotten out from under my father, but there was still so much left to figure out. It was like the ground had shifted beneath me, but I didn't know if it was the ground or the sky.

I could run away, but I knew that would leave me no one.

I wanted someone to go with me.

When I realized that, I knew where I was going. I was going to the beach. The sun would be out. I'd get to see some people. I could be alone with my thoughts, and hopefully, with my mother, I could work this out.

If she ever spoke to me agn.

If she ever understood what had happened to her daughter.

It would be easier, I realized, if I just had a dead body.

I had no other choice. I walked to the living room and grabbed the duffel. In the bag I found a pr of blue shorts and a T-shirt that sd _No Surrender, Just Ask_ across the front.

I put them on and walked to the beach.

I walked to the beach.

I sat and watched the seagulls.

I remembered that it wasn't very often that a seagull came into a house. Maybe I was going insane. Maybe I'd made the whole thing up. It had been a shock, but that was true, it had been a shock. The police officer at the scene had told me so.

I looked down at my hands.

There was blood on them. I hadn't noticed it before, because I hadn't been wearing gloves.

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