Tea time is the order of the day: Maru and Hana drink cat tea

Tea time is the order of the day: Maru and Hana drink cat tea

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The two cute cats Maru and Hana enjoy their afternoon tea in the video. After trying a few sips, the two push their heads on the cup. Apparently, they prefer the cups to the contents. When Hana cuddles the cup a little too stormily, a little tea spills over and she gets a little fright: "Yuck! Water! Wet! Wah!", She seems to think.

Later, cat Maru is alone with the two cups. He sips tea and then decides - for some unknown reason - to dip his left cheek into the water. Then he goes to the other cup and dips his right cheek into it. The fact that he splashes a large part of the liquid on the table doesn't matter to him. Only a few minutes later does he notice that his face is completely wet and shakes. That Maru! Always good for a joke!

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