How to Keep Your Dog's Feet From Getting Cold

How to Keep Your Dog's Feet From Getting Cold

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Cold paws aren't just a nuisance, they can lead to dry skin, cracking and even frostbite. Winterizing your dog's feet is essential during the winter, particularly before going out for walks. If you have tile floors, even those can be uncomfortably cold for your pet.


Put doggy boots on your pet for walks in the cold. These keep her feet warm and dry and protect her paws against rock salt, chemicals and other hazards. Let your dog get used to them with brief indoor practice sessions. If you don't use boots, protect her pads with a winterizing balm. Watch where your dog walks and keep her out of puddles. Have your dog's paws groomed to eliminate long hair, which stays wetter longer and can accumulate ice.


If your dog's feet get wet, dry them with a towel or a blow-dryer on low settings. Doggy socks help keep your pooch's feet warm but can be tricky to walk in on hard floors. A heated doggy bed helps keep feet and everything else warm during cold weather, too. Make sure your pet has a cozy, heated place away from drafts.


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