Ruby the tame wombat uses the cat flap

Ruby the tame wombat uses the cat flap

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Who wouldn't like to have their own wombat? Usually, the cute marsupials are not suitable as pets, but Ruby is an exception. She was taken up and raised by her owners as an orphaned baby. During this time, she even learned to use a cat flap.

Then she comes shaking out of the garden - and like the other pets, Ruby the Wombat enters the house through the cat flap in the wall. But she is not a real pet, because she is only for the care of Matt Hill and his family.

Ruby was found at the age of four months in her dead mother's bucket bag on a country road in New South Wales, Australia. The orphaned wombat baby was then raised by hand. Together with Rottweiler Nixon and a cat, Ruby lived in Matt Hill's household for several months until she was tall and strong enough to be released into the wild. During this time this cute video was created.

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