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Proper food for old cats: health decides

Proper food for old cats: health decides

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The right food for old cats differs from that for younger ones. But why? The reason is the changing metabolism. Senior feed should be based very strongly on the state of health of the velvet paw: Above all, overweight and underweight are decisive in the selection. Old cats often need special food because their metabolism changes - Shutterstock / WaitForLight

If the fluffy roommates are getting old, you should definitely make sure that you have the right food for old cats. It is important to precisely coordinate the prevailing health deficiencies. So you give your darling all the important nutrients and ensure vitality and fitness even with a few more years under your belt.

Senior cats from ten to twelve years old

From the age of ten to twelve, your parlor tiger can proudly call itself senior - or just "old cat" if he doesn't really care too much about titles. However, you should place special value as a mistress or master on the right food for old cats. A general feeding recommendation cannot be made, but the feed should be based on the state of health.

Last but not least, it is crucial whether your darling suffers from underweight or overweight. If necessary, adjust the feed earlier if diseases occur - preferably in consultation with your veterinarian. He knows what which cat is doing well so that it stays fit for a long time.

What nutrients do cats need as carnivores?

Cats are pure carnivores and therefore need different nutrients than people who are omnivores ...

Food for old cats with overweight or underweight

If your senior is overweight, you need to follow a special diet program. Since it will also become less and less active in old age, you should make sure that the feed has a lower energy content and at the same time a high nutrient content. This helps prevent diseases caused by obesity, such as diabetes mellitus. The important nutrients include vitamins, minerals and proteins.

But underweight can also lead to health problems for seniors. In this case, the right food for old cats should have a particularly high energy content. Because, for example, if the sense of smell wears off in old age, elderly house tigers usually have a lower appetite. You can compensate for this with the additional energy in the feed. So it doesn't decrease any further. Also ask your veterinarian if your cuddly tiger needs special feed additives, because with age cats can often utilize the nutrients in the feed more poorly. A reason for deficiency symptoms.

This is how feed and digestion are related

Elderly cats have a slower metabolism, so it is important that not only the food composition is correct, but also the feeding times and portion size. Divide the meals into several small portions. Treats or dry food can also be given, but should remain exceptions. Wet food is better for cats on a regular basis - regardless of their age. This makes it easier for your fur nose to drink enough fluid. Nevertheless, you should always provide her with enough fresh water.

Experiment with portion sizes and feeding times, because every cat ticks differently here. It is also important that you check whether your cuddly tiger is stooling regularly. If the stool is not discontinued at least every two days or the cat is struggling, a little fish oil can help. Exercise also supports digestion. If the cat is prone to constipation, you should consult a veterinarian.


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