Enacard for Dogs

Enacard for Dogs

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Veterinarians prescribe Enacard to treat canine heart failure. Enacard is an angiotensin-converting enzyme, or an ACE inhibitor, and it has the ability to improve exercise and reduce the signs of heart failure.

Enacard Administration and Dosage

Only a veterinarian can prescribe Enacard. Your veterinarian performs physical and diagnostic tests to determine if your dog will benefit from the drug. When prescribed, administer the tablets one to two times daily, as directed by your vet. Dosage depends on your dog’s weight. The average dosage amount is 0.25 mg of Enacard per pound of body weight.

Enacard Side Effects and Warnings

Enacard does not have many side effects. Because the drug causes low blood pressure, you may notice your dog is weak and lethargic after ingestion. Potential side effects of Enacardo include loss of appetite, weight loss and changes in urination behaviors. Although cases of kidney failure are rare, high doses of Enacard have been associated with kidney failure.


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