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Panda mom has no idea that she has twins

Panda mom has no idea that she has twins

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Panda lady Lee Lee has become a mom. What she has no idea: she has twins. The zookeepers are to blame for their ignorance, and for good reason.

It is not uncommon for pandas to have more than one baby. However, multiple births pose a problem for the fluffy bears: Panda mums tend to pay attention to only one of their children. However, they do not pay attention to the rest of the offspring, which means that he starves.

Panda mothers do not do this because they are mean, but because they fear they cannot feed more than one baby. This is exactly what an impressive video from "BBC Earth" explains.

Lee Lee's zookeepers are very familiar with this behavior of freshly baked panda mums. They have therefore devised a very special system so that twin mom Lee Lee takes care of her two babies. The employees simply let the offspring rotate.

That is, while one baby is in the incubator, the other is with his mom. Lee is then distracted with honey water. In the meantime, zookeepers just swap the panda cubs.

In this way, Lee Lee gives both babies their maternal care. The system is supposed to guarantee a 100 percent chance of survival. This is still important, even if luckily pandas are no longer threatened with extinction.

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