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Pedigree cat or domestic cat: what suits you?

Pedigree cat or domestic cat: what suits you?

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You know exactly that you want a house tiger, but are not sure whether it should be a pedigree cat or a domestic cat? Our guide provides a little help for the final choice of your future roommate.

A cute domestic cat or a certain breed cat? This decision depends on many factors and what is important to you. Character, appearance, maintenance and your own personal taste play a role. Basically, future cat owners can be happy with both decisions.

Domestic cats are a good choice

Domestic cats are usually extremely robust and less susceptible to diseases than some pedigree cats. And there is a large selection: Domestic cats come in all colors and patterns. Buy a kitten privately or give a new home to a velvet paw from the shelter. With a shelter cat you would have done a good deed right away. After all, tons of domestic cats are waiting here for their favorite people - among them even young animals.

Nevertheless, the decision should be made very consciously. You often buy "the pig in a poke" with a domestic cat. Because you can not know beforehand whether the little hooligan becomes wild or cuddly and for many budding cat owners, the character traits play a major role. The urge for freedom is usually great in domestic cats, which is why there is a risk of a small outlier.

Pedigree cat: When personal preferences decide

Although there are not as many recognized cat breeds as dog breeds, there is still a lot of choice. After all, a cat lives by your side for up to 20 years. So think carefully about which breed you choose.

● Optics: From the elegant Siamese cat, to the beautiful blue-gray Carthusian cat, to the large and fluffy Persian cats. There is an ideal room tiger for every taste. Read our guide on the most popular breeds of cats in Germany - you may find the right one for you here.
● Character: Do not only choose your pedigree cat according to its external appearance - also find out about its characteristics. Even if each animal is of course an individual, each breed has its own traits in its genes. Siamese cats are quite extroverted and Persians have extremely calm moods.
● Maintenance effort: There are beautiful pedigree cats with particularly long fur. However, such a head of hair also needs care - every day. You should not underestimate this ritual and in any case have the time for the maintenance effort. Otherwise knots and a matted fur are the result.
● Appropriate husbandry: Choosing the right cat breed also plays a role in keeping. For example, Bengal cats require a lot of space and employment. You should also consider this factor when making your decision.

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In summary, both domestic cats and pedigree cats can be a good decision. A domestic cat is robust in terms of health and is available in a wide range of colors, but is a surprise package in character and its exact origin is usually unknown.
Pedigree cats are somewhat more susceptible to breed-typical diseases and sometimes more complex to care for. However, character traits can be assessed before buying and a precise family tree confirms the origin and "authenticity" of your fur nose. Be sure to choose the breeder carefully. In order not to fall for providers who breed black, read our guide.
Granted, it's not an easy decision, but one thing is certain: cats are great pets.

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