What Is Bil-Jac Dog Food?

What Is Bil-Jac Dog Food?

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The Bil-Jac company of Medina, Ohio, has been in the business of producing premium dog food since 1947, back when commercial dog food products were quite basic. Bil-Jac also sells treats.


Brothers Bill and Jack Kelly founded the company bearing a version of their first names after returning from service in the Second War World. They sensed market potential for a premium dog food, and their first product was the frozen dog food line. It wasn't until the 1980s that they branched into the dry food market after spending 10 years testing and developing a vacuum-drying process that did not detract from meat quality.


The company's philosophy states that it has never added wheat, corn or rice gluten meal or protein concentrate to any of its formulas. However, the products do include finely grown corn meal. Because dogs are essentially carnivores, fresh chicken is the primary source of protein nutrition in its foods. "Your dog's nutrition is optimized when fed a diet where the protein is derived primarily from fresh ingredients," according to Bil-Jac.

Dry Dog Foods

Bil-Jac advertises that it uses 25 pounds of fresh chicken in each 30-pound bag of premium dog food, with 12 pounds of fresh chicken per each 15-pound bag. It gets its chicken from local chicken processors. You can start your puppy off with either the puppy select formulation or the small or large breed puppy foods. As he grows up, you can chose from the adult select formula or the small breed and large breed adult food. Specialty foods include the reduced-fat diet to keep your dog from becoming overweight, the senior select for older dogs and the sensitive solutions for dogs with gastrointestinal issues. The latter consists primarily of chicken and whitefish.

Frozen Dog Food

The original, frozen product line is still available. Before feeding, thaw the package out in the refrigerator overnight. You can store it in the refrigerator for several days if that's how long it takes you to use it, the same as you would your own meats. The frozen product's primary ingredients consist of beef, meat byproducts, cereal food fines, poultry, poultry meal, animal liver and fish meal. Its guaranteed analysis lists a minimum of 18 percent crude protein, 8 percent crude fat, a maximum of 2.5 percent crude fiber and 44 percent moisture.


In August, 2012, the company recalled a batch of its adult select formula after mold was discovered in some bags. Only the 6-pound bags were recalled, involving 256 cases. The affected food carries batch number 1792-02 with an expiration date of Dec. 27, 2013.


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