Why do cats wiggle their butts before an attack?

Why do cats wiggle their butts before an attack?

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What does it mean if the cats wiggle their butts before jumping or attacking? This behavior looks very cute, but is part of instinctive hunting behavior. Wild big cats such as lions or tigers also make a similar movement to prepare for an attack. Cat shortly before the attack: Keep a close eye on the prey, make it ready to jump and maybe… Popowackeln - Shutterstock / Ramon Espelt Photography

The prey or toy is fixed on the gaze, the pupils dilate with concentration and the legs are bent - ready to jump. But instead of jumping right away, cats wiggle their bums first. Why are you doing that?

Behavior of big cats before an attack

Our room tigers and salon lions have more in common with their big, wild relatives than you think. One thing in common, for example, is the starting position before an attack: the crouched posture, the concentrated gaze, the silent stillness. However, tigers, lions, cougars, etc. work the ground with their rear paws just before the jump to get a better grip. The surface is roughened and the big cat does not slide backwards when jumping off. This behavior is slightly modified in cats, but they also remain completely silent at first and then only move directly before jumping to get better hold. Instead of roughening the surface, they wiggle their buttocks and distribute their balance as evenly as possible. In this way, they can jump on their prey and kill them.

Cat throws buttocks up: why?

You probably know that: As soon as you stroke your cat on the back, she stretches her bottom in ...

When domestic cats wiggle their butts

The domesticated versions of the lions and tigers no longer have to hunt when they live in a loving home with people. Nevertheless, hunting behavior is firmly rooted in her instinct, so that cats practice hunting even when they are served fresh food in their bowls every day. If you play with your cat or watch her hunting mice outside, you can see how her hunting instinct expresses itself. Wiggling your butt is one of them, it helps cats aim and get their swing. In the following video you can watch the cute cat Ohagi wiggle her butt in posture and then jump full force ahead onto her toy:


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