What to do if the dog eats chocolate?

What to do if the dog eats chocolate?

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Warning, risk of poisoning: If a dog has eaten chocolate, it needs your cool head. Not sure what to do? A few tips on how to help your darling. If a dog has eaten chocolate, he has to go to the vet quickly - Image: Shutterstock / Reddogs

The best way to get to the vet is to take action: especially if a very small dog is eating chocolate. Tip: Do not hesitate if you have caught your darling. Chocolate poisoning is more dangerous for the four-legged friend than it seems at first.

When the dog nibbles chocolate: off to the vet

Your darling doesn't show symptoms of chocolate poisoning yet? Good! But no reason not to do anything if your dog ate chocolate. On the contrary, now you have to be quick: At first, the substance theobromine contained in the cocoa bean spreads unnoticed in the body of the animal. It is true that small amounts of chocolate do not necessarily harm a large dog. But don't rely on it. In any case, you should ensure that as little theobromine as possible gets into your dog's bloodstream - you have a maximum of two hours to do this. See a veterinarian as soon as possible!

Make dog vomit: Then it is correct

If you have too long a way to get to the vet, try to make the dog vomit - but only if you are really sure that your dog has eaten chocolate and is at risk of chocolate poisoning! With other types of poisoning, vomiting may aggravate the symptoms. Before going into how to make a dog vomit, here are a few key points to keep in mind:

● Only induce vomiting when the dog is awake and conscious.
● Do not induce vomiting if your dog shows symptoms of disorientation or balance problems.
● Never induce vomiting if the dog has eaten corrosive or corrosive substances, including bleach, cleaning agents, fertilizers, detergents, nail polish, chlorine and others.
● Do not induce vomiting with salt as there is a risk of salt poisoning
● Do not induce vomiting with home remedies such as milk, oil or protein
● Always be very careful and always go to the vet with the dog.

If you are sure that your dog has eaten chocolate, it is best to stir some mustard with water, lift the upper jaw with one hand, press the lips onto the teeth and pour the liquid in with a disposable syringe or similar device. Then stroke the neck and keep your mouth closed. If your dog licks his lips, he has probably swallowed the emetic and is vomiting in the best case. Tip: Give your darling a lot to drink after vomiting. This is the only way the dog can compensate for the water loss in the body caused by the poisoning. Important: vomiting does not replace a visit to the vet!

Dog ate poison bait: what to do?

It is every dog ​​owner's nightmare: the dog ate poison bait. In theory, it can ...

Fatal sweets eaten: react calmly to tension

When a dog eats chocolate, it appears tense. The theobromine triggers strong inner restlessness in your four-legged friend. Therefore, you should stay calm and do not panic. Imagine yourself drinking too many cups of coffee yourself. It is similar when a dog eats chocolate - with the serious difference that there is a danger to life for the four-legged friend.

Do not spend too long trying to treat your four-legged friend yourself. You cannot estimate how strong the poisoning is. A veterinarian can stop the theobromine much faster and treat your dog appropriately. First of all, however, the doctor tries to stabilize your four-legged friend and to remove the poison from the body.

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