Jack Russell Terrier Olly doesn't care about agility rules

The Jack Russell Terrier in the video is called Olly, is ten weeks old and is taking part in an agility competition with his nurse Karen from the British dog rescue organization "Blue Cross". However, the cheeky little dog does not think about sticking to any rules and whirls like a force of nature all over the training area.

Agility training is actually about running through an obstacle course as quickly and precisely as possible and listening to your mistress or master. Olly doesn't care, he just plagues right through the middle, throws the bar off the jump hurdle, runs under the bridge and only does half the slalom before galloping away in the wrong direction. With enthusiasm he almost flies over the bridge when he then comfortable to walk over it. This dog is unstoppable!

The tournament commentator can't stop laughing as he watches Jack Russell Terrier Olly ignore every conceivable agility rule in a good mood and full of energy. Once the cheeky dog ‚Äč‚Äčlands briefly on the nose, but immediately gets up again and just runs on. Olly, the super dog, appears to be indestructible. What an adorable guy!

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