When cats scratch furniture: tips

When cats scratch furniture: tips

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Everyone should know that cats scratch furniture and like to leave their mark on wallpaper. Domestic cats in particular mark their territory in this way. But the behavior has other causes. With these tips you can convince your darling to sharpen his claws somewhere else. Image: Shutterstock / Annmarie Young

It is part of the nature of the cat to sharpen its claws. On the one hand, this is because it keeps them sharp and clean, on the other hand, it also marks their territory. Some animals reduce stress in this way. They are not aware that mistress or mistress does not like to see furniture and wallpaper suffer as a result.

So that cats don't scratch furniture: offer alternatives

This behavior can rarely be completely weaned. But with a few tricks, things get better quickly. Tip: If you offer your Stubentiger enough scratching options where it can be omitted, it will spare other places. If he doesn't feel like his scratching post, it may be in the wrong location. If a favorite scratch location already exists, simply place the scratching facility there.

For cat owners: four tips against scratching furniture

House tigers, who grind their claws on furniture, are not uncommon. But what can you actually ...

Distract from the furniture or make it unattractive

If your cat prefers to continue scratching furniture, do not throw the shotgun into the grain so quickly. Try different locations for the new scratching furniture until you and your cat have agreed on a suitable place. Tip: In order to deprive your room tiger of your interest in your furniture at the same time, you can place towels there that exude a citrus or menthol scent that the four-legged friends do not like.

This makes the scratching post irresistible

Another tip on how cats no longer scratch furniture is actually very simple: you have to ensure that the actual scratching post is more attractive to the velvet paw than, for example, the sofa. This works with irresistible smells. Get a catnip spray, for example, and spray it on the areas where you allow your cat to scratch. Or you can simply put a few leaves of catnip or cat grass on the appropriate place. In combination with the tips above, re-education should work quickly.

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