Is cat marmalade into a catnip frenzy?

Nanu? What is wrong with tom marmalade? In the video, the red room tiger looks a little ... rapt. Did he sniff too much catnip?

At the beginning of the video, Chris Poole, the "dad" of Marmalade and his siblings Cole, Jugg and Zig Zag, explains: "When catnip is effective." And in fact Marmalade looks as if he had just seen a ghost: ears pulled back, eyes wide open, mouth open in astonishment.

Then Marmalade suddenly rushes up and down the cupboard as if stung by the tarantula, runs back and forth, tries to catch the tail of his cat sister Zig Zag and then hunts imaginary beetles on the ceiling. Very, very strange ...

And the strangest thing about the whole thing is that Marmalade hadn't sniffed any catnip at all that day. Chris Poole reveals this in the comment below the video.

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