Cat moves in: Eight things that change

Cat moves in: Eight things that change

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In this fun cat video, the owner of a velvet paw shows eight things that have changed after his cat moved in. These may seem familiar to one or the other cat owner ...

When a new pet moves in, everything changes. Using a few funny examples, the creator of this film demonstrates what other pet owners may have observed at home: For example, suddenly water glasses are pushed around and kitchen paper rolls are fought with sharp claws. Instead of the cellphone alarm clock, the room tiger now ensures that its owners wake up "in time".

Velvet paws also serve as excuses for spontaneous cancellations: "My cat is sick", it actually always works! Of course, the decoration of the apartment also changes, and the assignment of strange noises can almost always be blamed on the kitty. In addition, cats like to be at work and in the bathroom, listen and are simply the sweetest roommates in the world for their owners!

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