Cat 950 wheel loader

Cat 950 wheel loader

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Cat 950 wheel loader. It has the typical front-end layout for a Ford/MB/Dana loader. It was a very reliable machine. This machine was originally purchased by a small oil company for an operation that would not have been allowed on the road in California.

The loader is equipped with a hydraulically actuated dump deck that swings out to the side to allow easier access to the load.

The loader has an 8-cylinder, 16.5-liter Ford engine producing 150 ,hp. The operator sits on the loader, and there are controls in the bucket and on the console. The loader was originally manufactured by Ford, but was later produced by a subsidiary of MB. A Ford/MB loader was one of the last examples of an American-made loader with a Ford-made engine and body.

The loader has a hydraulic lift assist and is equipped with an automatic transmission.


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