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Greyhound with springs is waiting for its food

Greyhound with springs is waiting for its food

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"Come on, go! When is it finally time to eat?" The lively dog ​​in this video is really hungry - and because his master is not quick enough, he has to know how to help himself. Of course he does this in a special greyhound manner.

How many times does the Whippet manage to jump in the air while master is preparing the food for him and his four-legged friend? You'd think the funny dog ​​would have springs under his feet the way he bounces up and down. But don't worry, he's not really starving.

Rather, the greyhound, bred for speed and performance, which is one of the fastest land animals in the world, has a good dose of energy paired with a strong will. And now he just wants to have his food, preferably immediately!

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