Persona 5 guard dog of hades

Persona 5 guard dog of hades

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Persona 5 guard dog of hades is in full-force

I have been playing this game for a year now (so far so good) and have a few problems with this game. I do not like how the enemy is set up. When fighting the demons, they keep on switching around and using different things as I have to be very careful and wt for the timing. I also have trouble with the level design and some areas just seem to never-ending. This is going to be my list of issues and problems with the game.

How should I level up the personas? I feel like I need to use the persona power boost/bio and special attacks and that is a little difficult to do in later levels where there is too much to do and I do not need special attacks, just a bio boost.

The story seems to be very repetitive. At the beginning, it takes about 20-30 minutes to get through the story, but once you get to the second chapter or so, it feels like the story is going nowhere and all the demons are reusing the same tricks from the first part. I do not feel like I learned much in that part.

The only enemy I have not yet defeated in the game is the demons. As I have not found a way to use their weaknesses, I usually lose a lot. I do like that the story-line requires me to not use my own tactics, but when the enemy comes with new abilities, it is really difficult to be good at fighting them.

It seems that at the beginning of the game, you are not that good at fighting because you are not even sure what you should be doing. If you keep losing when the enemy gets a new ability, I feel that you get too bad at fighting so it takes you a lot of time to get to the point you need to beat the enemies with your persona (for instance, the boss fight at the end of the first area). By then, you already have a hard time beating the boss, so you have to use many attacks to finish him, but these are not effective attacks. And because the boss is really strong, he does not get defeated that easily either.

I think I have already mentioned this, but my mn problem with the game is that the story was too easy. It was too short. I did not finish it, although I do like the story.

Overall, I really like the graphics and the character design. Most of the time, I found a reason to stop and admire some artwork. My two major complnts about the graphics are that they are too small and the backgrounds are dark.

The sound of the game is rather good. I just do not think the voice-acting is very good.

I am giving the game 5 stars out of 10, but I really do not recommend it to anyone who plays only RPG games or any others.

I would really like to play it agn. I also enjoy some of the songs that the game has. They are like this:

1. "One of them" by "The Smithereens"

2. "A Thousand Miles Away" by "Blues Traveler"

3. "Fantasy" by "Nanáe"

4. "No Place for Me" by "The Cranberries"

5. "The End" by "Dogs in the Sky"

6. "Crying in My Suit" by "The Black Keys"

7. "One" by "The White Stripes"

8. "A Place of My Own" by "The Smithereens"

9. "Riot!" by "Black Flag"

10. "Pretend We're Dead" by "Nanáe"

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I think a lot of people do not like the game because they are expecting something completely different. A short, easy, action RPG is not what the game is. It is more like "Chrono Trigger" more or less.

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