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If the dog coughs: possible treatment

If your dog coughs, this can have various causes. Which treatment is suitable for your four-legged friend therefore depends on the veterinarian's diagnosis. In the following we would like to describe possible treatment measures for you. If the dog coughs, he needs rest - Image: Shutterstock / Jenn Huls

If your dog coughs, it is up to you to assess whether you should go to a veterinarian with him immediately or try a home remedy first. If you have a strong cough, shortness of breath, fever, loss of appetite and other accompanying symptoms, you should not hesitate to visit your trusted veterinarian with your four-legged friend. If he coughs only lightly and rarely, but plays and eats as usual, treatment at home will probably be possible.

Treatment of dogs with a mild cough

Dust, dry heating air or slight allergic stimuli: Many dogs are sensitive to this and with a slight cough. Fresh air (but no drafts) is just as good for you as a humid indoor climate. You can do this, for example, with a bowl of water on the heater.

If the dog coughs because he has a cold, he needs rest. You can also give him a little natural honey from the health food store in his drinking water for treatment. This should prevent the spread of bacteria as well as the development of inflammation. If other symptoms of the disease appear and there is no improvement within three days, you should consult a veterinarian.

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Dogs with cough at the veterinarian: possible forms of treatment

If the vet determines that your dog is coughing because he has an allergy, he will most likely prescribe antiallergic drugs and find ways to prevent the allergy trigger with you.

Anti-cough medications or antibiotics are given for infectious diseases, while cough caused by heart diseases is said to be improved by heart medications that are specifically tailored to the disease. In addition, medication for other side effects such as fever may be given.