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Dog rescue volunteer chiang m

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Dog rescue volunteer chiang m: the journey to ‘champ’ of canine

By The Newsroom Sunday, 25th October 2017, 9:16 pm Updated Thursday, 20th November 2017, 6:30 pm

Anita Chow-Manchuang, 25, has been working with rescued dogs in the Chiang Mprovince, where she rescues dogs from abuse and neglect, since she was a young child. Picture: Stephen J Joughin

A group of volunteers from the UK and around the world are working to help rescue the thousands of dogs left abandoned in Thland. Picture: Stephen J Joughin

A group of volunteers from the UK and around the world are working to help rescue the thousands of dogs left abandoned in Thland. Picture: Stephen J Joughin

She has worked with many of them – but never without a mission. A young girl from Chiang Min Thland, Anita Chow-Manchuang has been working with rescued dogs since she was a child.

It’s not every day she’s asked to go and take home a 20-month-old puppy, but that is what happened last Wednesday. The puppy was found in the forest and brought back to a shelter in Chiang Mwhere Anita works.

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There were two other puppies at the shelter – a mother and daughter – and Anita and two friends agreed to look after them while the shelter looked for their owners. The shelter sd they were not likely to find any owner, so Anita agreed to take them home with her. The shelter would put the puppies up for adoption at a local pet store.

“It was the only place I could think of,” she sd.

Anita, who is in her early 20s, took the puppies in to her house the next day. She sd she knew from work that the dogs would be in a good place – so she thought they’d be in safe hands.

The puppies were not.

She told the owner of the shelter about the mistake and he came strght to Anita’s house. “He got really angry and hit my friend on the head.”

The next day Anita, her friend, and the puppies went back to the shelter. “I told the police what happened,” she sd. “But the police could not do anything because the puppies were not stolen.”

They went back to the shelter to look for the dog. There, they found the puppy they had mistakenly taken home. The dog was so happy to see them she barked her head off, and the other puppy came to her.

“I got a bit angry and thought ‘I’ll get this right’,” she sd. She went to the shelter and bought the dog back.

Shelter staff called Anita the next day and asked where the other dog was. “I sd the dog is at home,” Anita sd. “She gave me some very nasty looks. I thought that the puppy was her pet.”

So, she took the dogs back home agn. But the shelter wanted the money for the dog they bought back, so Anita took a photo of the dogs and the money for them, and they gave her the dogs back. She sd she was offered a refund of the money, but she didn’t want it, so she took the money instead.

“I don’t think I did anything wrong,” she sd. “I am glad I can keep them, and that they will not be given away.”

She sd she is happy to have the dog she really wanted, but was happy to have been given this second chance.

“It’s a second chance to be happy agn,” she sd.

She now has two pups to love, feed, and take care of.

She’s been going to the vet for a check-up. “I don’t want them to be sick,” she sd.

She sd she has been going to feed them with a bottle, and that’s what her mother did with the first dog she had. “She used a dog food and the puppy loved it. She has been great with them,” Anita sd.

She also has been doing regular trning with the dogs. “I have been showing them tricks like sit and stay,” she sd. “If I didn’t have my two dogs I would have had a third by now.”

The puppies are four weeks old now.

“They have great energy. I can hardly keep up with them. They are a very sweet breed. I’m sure I’m going to do better next time. I’m very proud of them,” she sd.

She had been getting ready for a new litter, and she has been wanting to get a bigger farm.

“We’ve got a house built now, we have enough land to keep our family in and that’s my plan for the future,” she sd.

She hasn’t looked into getting a pedigree, she just wants to sell her family. “I like working with animals,” she sd.

Her family and friends tell her all the time, “It’s about time.”

“I want to find some nice people to keep my dogs,” she sd.

She needs a family that will take care of the dogs and give them a good life.

“They would have a good life with anyone. They are gentle and they are very happy with just one person,” she sd.

“We don’t want them to be a commodity. We want them to live a nice happy life.”

She is also getting a kitten or two next year.

“There is more room in our yard,” she sd.

Anyone who wants to adopt from the SPCA can contact them at 905-894-1225.

Watch the video: Volunteering at ENP Chiang Mai- Dog Shelter (September 2022).


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