Leaving cats alone: ​​tips for employment

Leaving cats alone: ​​tips for employment

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The most important thing first: If you have to leave your cats alone a lot, you cannot replace the proximity of a fellow man even with the most beautiful activity. First of all, you should think about buying a second cat. Leave the cat alone: ​​boredom doesn't have to be - Image: Shutterstock / papa1266

But of course cats in a double pack are also happy about a varied activity! When your owner is at work, the day can get really long, so it'll take a few tricks to keep agile pets busy.

Leave cats alone: ​​basic equipment for the apartment

To ensure that your cats do not get bored, they should have enough opportunities in their "area" to climb high, sharpen their claws, run around and look out of the window from a cozy place. For this, stable, sufficiently large scratching posts are part of the basic equipment of a cat-friendly apartment and, if possible, can be supplemented by boards on the wall and other climbing options.

A great, cozy window seat with a heating couch, cat grass and a beautiful view is a good boredom killer, especially for calm, cozy velvet paws: Many cats can lie by the window for hours and watch what is going on outside. The cardboard boxes, which are so popular with cats, can also be included in the basic equipment of the apartment. After all, they not only offer cozy berths, but also a variety of activities, which brings us to the next topic.

Special toy for employment

When your cat is not at home, only place toys that you can safely leave alone. Feather toys, game fishing, etc. should, for example, only be used under supervision. Large balls, intelligence toys and sturdy Catnip cushions are well received by most cats in addition to boxes and should be replaced every now and then, as the same toy always gets boring.

Four great cat toys for the door frame

Most house tigers love toys of all kinds. The special thing about toys that you ...

Before you go, hide a few treats in the apartment so that the cat can go on a treasure hunt. You can also fill a box with crumpled newspaper and put the treats or some dry food in there. A food ball is also a popular option for many cats to spend hours on. When you get home, the game is played vigorously: After all, cats still have the most fun with their owners!


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