Lakeland Terrier: what is its nature?

Lakeland Terrier: what is its nature?

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It doesn't get boring with the Lakeland Terrier: the cheerful, very bright dog is a fine little guy and is available for every play, romp or walk session. As a family dog, it is wonderful. The Lakeland Terrier has a character with many colorful properties - Image: Shutterstock / mjt

Representatives of this breed are extremely playful and spirited. Not only do they enjoy playing, they are also very skilled at it. What else makes your character?

Lakeland Terrier: A happy adventurer

The cute terriers with the wiry fur are considered very curious, adventurous and eager to expect. Dogs of this breed are not shy at all. They present themselves to their environment in a friendly but very confident and fearless manner and are compatible with animals and humans.

The UK whirlwinds can be a little stubborn, but are never angry or aggressive. Her child-loving nature makes her loving and reliable family dogs. In this role, the affectionate dogs who value family connection also feel particularly comfortable.

Characteristics of the character of this dog breed

The Lakeland Terrier is a huge water fan who will delight you if you include routes as often as possible on your walks, where he can take a little trip into the cool water.

These ten cute family dogs love children!

For a terrier, he is quite calm at home, provided he can follow his urge to move daily. He has also proven himself to be an excellent guard dog many times - the attentive but not prone to yapping dog simply misses nothing.

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