Popular marsupials: kangaroos in action

Popular marsupials: kangaroos in action

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Kangaroos bounce their long hind legs through Australia and New Guinea - here they prove that they also look good on photos. Kangaroos at the coffee party - Image: Shutterstock / Rowan S And everybody looking at the camera, think these kangaroos - Image: Youtube / Filip Fuxa Cute kangaroo gives paws - Image: Shutterstock / Frederic Legrand Very curious, this kangaroo - Image: Shutterstock / nicolemoraira When jumping, kangaroos can really step on the gas - Image: Shutterstock / alybaba And of course, if you can hop, you have to be able to rest - Picture: Shutterstock / Volodymyr Burdiak Kangaroos also get into the wool - Image: Shutterstock / victoriam Cute kangaroo family photo - Image: Shutterstock / Rowan S This cute kangaroo still lives in a pouch - Image: Shutterstock / K.A.Willis

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