Heart failure: how is it treated?

Unfortunately, heart failure in dogs cannot be cured. If the disease is discovered early, treatment can ensure that the four-legged friend can still lead a good life with as few restrictions as possible. Heart failure is treated by the vet - Image: Shutterstock / gosphotodesign

If heart failure is suspected, the veterinarian first performs various examinations. With the help of X-rays and ultrasound images and possibly an EKG, he determines how far the disease has progressed and whether it has already caused further organic damage. Drug treatment usually begins immediately.

Start of treatment: the sooner the better

If the disease is discovered very early, attempts are made to prevent the possible consequences of heart failure for the organism over time. Usually, sick dogs are treated with medication for their whole life. On the one hand, the regularly administered medication dilates the blood vessels, on the other hand, it strengthens the heart muscle, so that the heart's work should be made easier and it can supply the dog's body with enough oxygen again.

The condition of the dog and the dose of the medication should be checked regularly by the veterinarian - it is just as important that you support your four-legged friend at home with a heart-friendly attitude to stay fit and healthy.

Heart-sick dog: balanced diet and lots of fresh air

It is important that you discuss with your vet exactly what will change in your dog's daily routine from now on. On the one hand, this may include changing the feed. A balanced dog diet, to which heart-friendly supplementary food may be added, is often a helpful measure in addition to drug treatment.

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The healthy special food also strengthens the immune system and can prevent the overweight, which is particularly dangerous for dogs with heart disease. Moderate, regular exercise in the fresh air, which does not overwhelm the dog but keeps it fit, is usually also good for a dog with heart failure.