Jameson blender's dog review

Jameson blender's dog review

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Jameson blender's dog review


N.P. Doshi, Mumbai

Published: December 11, 2018

The review I have been looking for for a long time!

Recently we had two dogs in our house (yes, the first step is always to have

a dog in the house). One has the usual problems that all dogs have, one has

an extra set of issues and one is special. One can’t stay out of her way for

a moment. She has to take over everything, run away, bite things, bark at

everything and anything that moves. It isn’t that she acts this way towards

any of us, but with us. The first thing we noticed was that the dog’s

attitude towards her mother was the same. If her mother would try to stand up

for herself, the dog would get even worse.

I saw this on YouTube recently, and I found it hilarious. Two guys walk

into a pet shop. The first looks around and then says: “I don’t like cats and

dogs.” “Oh, you don’t like pets?” the owner says. “I’m a cat”, says the man.

“Oh, I’m not a cat. I’m a dog”. “Oh, you are a dog”. They exchange a bit more

witty words with each other.

A few days ago I was walking with a friend and we saw the dogs, in the same

place and behaving the same way. The dogs were in the park, barking at one

another and the people that live in the houses around it.

It was such a funny moment, I was laughing so hard and I remembered the video

I saw. I then started to ask myself what I would do, if I were in the shoes

of the owner of the pet shop. I mean, this is not me as a person, this is me

as a dog. I would probably bark at the owner, too. So, I asked my friend

about it. He laughed like a crazy and said that this is how it is supposed to

be, a dog wants to bark at a cat, and a cat wants to play with a dog, but that

is not how dogs and cats think about other animals. The owner of the pet shop

could make them play together if she is friendly to both of them. A dog and a

cat don’t want to be the first to bite, but they want to attack the other

animal and bite it until it is bleeding. They do it for their fun. My friend

went on: “It is like two little children that are fighting and one has a bad

taste of sweets and wants to hit the other one, but the other one tries to

stop them and makes fun of them. This is called fighting. So, if you are the

owner of the pet shop, you should understand that these two want to fight and

they just don’t know the rules of a pet shop”. So, when you see your dog

barking at other dogs, don’t you tell him to stop, or make fun of him, if he

doesn’t understand the rules of a pet shop. If he is not in the shape of mind

to live in a pet shop, then you should let him go. Let him go because he will

find a home and be happy.

The reason why we are called dogs is because the Greek word ‘kenniskos’

means ‘little dogs’. In the old days, dogs were used for hunting and eating,

to chase rabbits and small animals. In the middle ages they were used to chase

the ghosts, to keep them away and to protect the farmers from thieves. They

were the guardians of the castle or town. They were trained to catch the

animals for the farmers. They were the friend of the man. They became his

friends and were his friends for a long time. Many cultures are rich in

traditions and customs involving the animals.

The dog is not so rich in traditions. He does not have traditions. For

instance, if he is rich in traditions, why is he treated badly? If he is poor

in traditions, why is he poor? He is poor in traditions because he has been

poor for many years. He had no traditions. He had no history. He was no

friend. He had no friend, no owner, no house, no home, no friends. He was

like an animal. The only thing he had was his bark. He was happy with just

that. This is the reason why he became famous. Because his bark is all that he

had. And what happened to his bark? You will find that some people had good

barks, like your beloved dog, and some people had bad bais, like his bark.

Some people have only good bark, some people have only bad bark, and some

people have both good and bad bark. The people who have only good bark are not

the dogs. It is the people who have only bad bark who are dogs. It is not the

animals who make the dogs. It is the men who made the dogs. It is the men who

killed the animals, the animals who did not do any harm to anyone. It is the

man who made the dogs into the dogs. They are the dogs. Why are they called

dogs? Is there a man there?

The dog is not the man. The dog is not the dog. Why are they called dogs? The

man killed them, they were just animals, they were not his or hers. He killed

them, and then called them his dog. He killed the good animals and called the

dogs. He killed the bad animals and called them his dog. There is no owner


I am an owner. Who made me? Who killed my owner, who killed the dogs? Why

are they called dogs? Are you the man here? Why are you here? Why are you in

this country? You have killed all of the dogs. You killed the good, and you

killed the bad. There is no other man here. Are you the one? You killed the

animals, and then you called them your dogs. You killed them, and then you

called them your dogs. It is the men who made the dogs into the dogs. You are

the men who made the dogs. You called them your dogs, because you are the



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